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zeldafic's Journal

Legend of Zelda Fanfic
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This is a community devoted to fanfic (and, to a lesser extent, art and discussion) regarding The Legend of Zelda. We are a very open community. Works based on any installments in the Zelda series are welcomed, as are any pairings, any timeline theories, and even original characters.

We hold to a strong policy of don't like, don't read. Not everything posted here will be your particular cup of tea. If a particular pairing or theory is not to your liking, please just scroll on by rather than leave scathing commentary. Not a slash fan? Skip the slash stories. Don't like romance? Let it go. Constructive criticism is always encouraged, but refrain from leaving comments to the effect of "I don't like this and therefore it is wrong."

  • Het, slash, gen, whatever else you can come up with.
  • Challenges are completely welcome.
  • Fic requests--no guarantees on getting them filled, though.
  • Art and icons.
  • Constructive criticism.
  • Any Zelda-related discussion.


  • Flaming or trolling. That's a great way to get banned.
  • Uncut fic longer than 100 words.
  • Uncut images over 150x150 pixels.
  • Improperly rated or warned fic or images.


The MPAA doesn't like for people to use their ratings system, so please use this instead.

Everyone, or E
7 and up, or 7+
Thirteen and up, or 13+
Older teen, or 15+ (think corresponding to an R rating in the MPAA system)
Mature, or M

Mature must be labelled as such. Any fic with explicit sex or graphic violence, including rape, should have this rating.


Title (including part X of Y):
Warnings: Slash? Isn't a warning. Sex, rape, and violence are.
Author's Notes:


ladynorbert has recently reordered the tags. When posting your story, please tag it according to pairing (or use the genfic tag if there are no pairings) and the rating (e for everyone, 7+, 13+, 15+, or mature). There are also tags for challenge, meme, personal archive (when you post a list of all your fics), and request.


zelda_vintage -- Zelda fic and art community for fans aged 18 and up


Naomi, or ryttu3k, can be contacted via LJ private message, or as ryttu3k on AIM.

Laura, or ladynorbert, is best contacted through LJ private message if need be.

Both your mods are quite cheerfully obsessed with Zelda and have no plans to seek counseling for this particular addiction.


Our lovely community icon was made by high_striker. Currently there is a contest being arranged to create a header image for the community; please check the posts for info.